Here is where the members of our Tribe are listed according to rank.

Xenith_TerrAffinity_IconXenith (Liege)

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The founder of this gamer group, in truth this player has a love-hate relationship with gaming. As a work-a-holic it is hard for Xenith to find a middle-ground between gaming and working. Having a social element to their gaming helps justify their time and energy.

Common gamer tags: XenitH, Nastasha, 5imp13_3n1gma

Games: Legacy Online, Zombie Pandemic, Skyrim, Fallout, Assassin’s Creed series, Vampire: The Masquerade etc.


msblub (Icon)



Common gamer tags: msblub, blubjo, warietje, annialator, mikerder.


D_Icon_smDaddyOzzed (Icon)

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 DaddyOzzed enjoys multiplayer games with role play elements, character customization & rich storylines. He also enjoys RTS, Hack & Slash, and Fighting games. High leaderboards, rigid clan structure and socializing with other Tribe members is important to him.

Common gamer tags: Daemon, Ozzed, UgotFisted

Games: World of Warcraft, League of Legends & Legacy Online


AgentS_IconAgent S (Follower)

(Top Secret)


Common gamer tags: (Redacted), VSN, SydusAbimael.

Games: Dota 2, Don’t Starve, Legacy Online.


Genaric_Female_1Alice (Minion)

Facebook Profile


Common gamer tags: Saetien, Kaetrien, MidoriRayne, LilMissChii, LilKittenAlice, KittyKatAlice, FrozenShimmer.

Games: World of Warcraft, learning D&D 3.5, Legacy Online.


elrojobzh (Minion)

Tribe Network Profile

 elrojobzh enjoys games with rich, non-liniar storylines that are dystopian, horror, or sci-fi themed. He also enjoys socializing with other Tribe members.

Common gamer tags: elrojobzh

Games: The Last Stand: Dead Zone



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