Dead Zone Recruit

You were directed to this page because you have an interest in being part of our Alliance on Last Stand: Dead Zone.

The first thing you must know is we are far more then just a random Alliance in-game… We are a network of gamers, with a vision and a calling. We focus on quality over quantity, and you just might prove yourself valuable to our Tribe.

If you wish to be part of something bigger then this game and other alliances within it, keep reading. If you are not interested in getting deeply involved with a rich, engaging, and social community then simply close out of this site.


Right now you are considered a “trial member” of our Alliance. You might currently have the title in-game, but you are not fully recognized by our broader community. In order to do so you must follow the below steps.

1.) Join our Tribe Network (click link)
2.) “Follow” our main website (“Follow” button near to-right of our website)
3.) Reach level 15+
4.) Bring in all 10 survivors onto your compound

Note: We ask that you complete all these challenges within 7 days of joining our Alliance in-game, or you may be removed from our Alliance. Please be sure to show proof of all the above if requested.

Special arrangements may be considered for members that reach out to us direct voicing their needs. You can also Contact Us Here, or within Chat if you have any questions.



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