LS:Dead Zone

The simplest way to describe Last Stand: Dead Zone is if there was a zombie apocalypse in SIMS 3, and it is 350 days later.

Now it is time to rebuild, and you are the architect…

You start out with your Leader, whom you can customize all the way down to a voice selection. You are plopped between four walls and surrounded by debris everywhere. From here it is up to you to clean the place up, start gathering food, water, fuel and weapons and accept the survivors that decide to make your compound their new home.

As other Survivors join you, there are 5 different “class” choices to select for your team. Each one has specializations, and excels at the use of certain weapon types. The most survivors your compound holds is 10, which is actually just the right amount.

The game is primarily salvaging within the city finding components to make into gear, weapons, and structures for your compound. When your survivors take too much damage, they get ailments which must be treated with special craft-able medical aids such as bandages, splints, and medical bracers.

Resource management takes up a lot of the gameplay. There is also a day/night phase, descent graphics for a free browser-based game, and a lot of elements of realism.

LS:DZ is a multiplayer game. There is has a couple layers of Interdependence, where you are given the opportunity to aid, or raid other player compounds. There is also a player-based marketplace and internal communications network, to barter with other players. At level 10 you are given the opportunity to join other Alliances, and at level 15 you can create your own should you desire.

The community is very active, and there is a lot to do on this Freemium Browser-based Post-apocalyptic MMORPG.

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