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Perks of being in a Tribe

  • No need to play a game alone.
  • Instant team-work or assistance.
  • Access to information is simple & convenient.
  • Provides a platform for sharing (game reviews, journal, vlogs etc.).
  • Provides simple recruitment tools.
  • Creates bonds & comradery between like-minded peers.


Q: What is this?

Put simply, friends that like to game together. There are no specific games or even platforms (such as Xbox over PC games etc.) that we play. Some of us even enjoy text-based, table-top, or other multiplayer or role-playing game types. However generally we tend to mostly play games that are dystopian, post-apocalyptic, or sci-fi multiplayers game.


Q: What does TerrAffinity mean?

Terra has many definitions, but the one that we derive the most information from is loosely define as Earth. Organic matter that makes up a mountainous body or land mass. It is solid, grounded, with function and purpose.

Affinity also has many definitions, but we derive the most inspiration with its relation to a force attracting and binding atoms together.  Methodical, powerful, enigmatic yet magnetic.

To us TerrAffinity is the merging of the organic, with the synthetic. Technology systems meeting human systems.

Q: Who is TerrAffinity?

TerrAffinity is a powerful deity our members embrace, and show respect and thanks towards. They are everywhere. Energy buzzing in the sky, propelling our sound-waves, and making our machines work. This is a fictional demigod we choose to create and pay homage to.


Q: Are you a cult?

This depends on who you ask! We like to act creepy, wear ominous hoods, and joke about “drinking the koolaid”. In truth, it is all in good fun. Many of our members are role-players, and find this to be a fun schtick to emulate and promote. If you ask if we sacrifice virgins under a full moon, we might ask if you know any and check our calendar. Take that answer how you like : )

Our view is; if you are not having fun, whats the point?

Q: What type of members do you recruit?

We look for social players, that have a basic understanding of the game in question, but may have questions about the game mechanics. Players that exhibit an interest in belonging to something bigger then the basic in-game clan or guild, and might show passion for striving towards raising in rank and contributing to the community. We also aid players that are really willing to learn and want our help, as well as those that like to help other players. Gaming Tribe
Q: What qualities do you seek the most in players?

Maturity for one. We don’t tolerate trolls or people that hide behind their anonymity to upset other players. We also seek players with a clear indication that they wish to bond with others, and contribute their talents and knowledge. Humility is also important- as in order to teach one must first learn. No one will expect anyone to know everything, so relax and learn something. This goes for all our members, no matter their rank.

Q: What is expected of your members?

We expect our members to contribute, and not waste their resources. In-game or as far as a persons talents or potential. If you value us, contribute. If you want aid, ask for it. Own your actions, and be the master of your own universe. If we do not mesh, then no harm intended. We hope you will understand if we also do not feel you are an integral part. If you contribute, you will most definitely be rewarded for your work.

Q: Is there a hierarchy & ranks?

Yes. This Tribe might not survive without it. However we don’t take our ranks so seriously that we let them get in our way. Keeping in mind that we do call it like it is. We expect our highest ranking members to contribute the most, and don’t expect new members to run before they learn to walk. However our higher ranking members are not perfect, and they make mistakes. We value members that call things like they are in a respectful way, and provide solutions as well. More information about our ranks can be viewed on this page.

Q: Are there membership dues?

No, however we do offer financial funding as an option for members wishing to advancing in rank. We see providing monetary contribution to our Tribe as a good use of resources. If you like our voice interface, contribute to it. If you like our forms, contribute to it. If you like our website, contribute to it. If you like our server space, contribute to it. In time or financially. However we will not force any of our members to pay should they not wish to or desire to. Just understand that this Tribe does have it’s costs, and if it disappears that is a reality we must all accept.

Q: Must all your members be in TerrAffinity only?

No, but we hope that we are just so awesome and amazing that you would be crazy not to! We provide the benefits, and you breath life into the Tribe. That is how we intend this relationship will work out.  Those with the most pride, passion, and contribution will be rewarded in kind. Those that remain divided may not be invited to stay for longer then necessary.

In addition, we actually encourage our highest ranking members to create their own Tribe! If you wish to be a part of something even bigger then TerrAffinity, we can help you with that! We compile and provide all the tool necessary to create your own Tribe. If you request our aid, we simply ask that your Sister Tribe promote the same Gaming Modus Operandi (read below). Furthermore even if you wish to part ways, membership is voluntary. At any time you are welcome to move forward independently, but we ask that you communicate such if you are able.

Q: How do players join?

We do pre-screen our members, therefore we invite anyone interested to submit a Recruitment Form. If approved, then you can consider yourself a Recruit of TerrAffinity!

Q: What is the easiest way to recruit others?

If someone you know doesn’t play the game you play, simply say “come play a game with me!?”, and the rest will likely fall into place. If you are on a game and are recruiting others to our Tribe, start a conversation first then direct them to the Mother Website. Than answer any questions they may have.

Q: Do recruiters get something for recruiting others?

Absolutely. We have a number of awards, prizes (in-game and out of game), as well as higher ranks that are gifted to our members that recruit and perform other helpful duties.

Membership types:

Pixel Member
Basic starting level with one basic, and three advanced stages

Omega Member
Active member level with one basic, and three advanced stages

Gaia Member
Key contributors level with one basic, and three advanced stages

Sister Network Manager
Tribe Leader of a sister tribe related to TerrA

Gaming Modus Operandi (Mode of Operation)

Quality over quantity

Our members will all go through an initial trial period, and we are not likely to recruit just anyone that comes along. All members are asked to contribute to the community, and will be expected to be respectful and tactful to all players. We want active players, not numbers filling up our members-list.

  • Active members instead of place-holders.
  • Trial memberships for all that join.
  • Only respectful, helpful people are welcome.

Use resources well

Wasteful individuals are not highly valued in our community. We hope that all our members manage their time, skill & resources effectively. Utilize information & technology to their best ability, and set actionable goals. Although we value tips and tricks, blatant cheating is not encouraged.

  • Information is a valuable resource.
  • Technology is a valuable resource.
  • No cheating, but leverage accordingly.
  • “Trolling” is a waste of time, energy, and potential.

Relationships are key

We use primarily a cooperation over competition [2] model, even as it relates to other clans or guilds. We network and cooperate as much as we can, but hold our ground and make our points clear when we must.

  • We always show respect to our members that are in good standing.
  • Be helpful to our members, and other players whenever possible.
  • Show respect and kindness to other clans/guilds in higher standing, unless cause to treat otherwise is given.
  • We are primarily defensive strategically, and only play the aggressor when we must; for self-defense & retaliation or in good sports-personship.
  • Agreeing to disagree is a good use of resources. It is possible to disagree with someone, without wasting energy.


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