Pokemon Go



Given Pokemon Go is not exactly post-apocalyptic themed, TerrAffinity Tribe will NOT be making an appearance on this Augmented Reality game.

Image.pngHowever, our Tribe is supporting Team Rocket Go. They are most commonly Team Valor (Red), but are inclusive and accept members from any team, and discourage team shaming. They are international, and intend to donate money to various worthwhile causes.

Also see the Team Rocket Go Forums.

It is said more social features (such as Clans) may open up in Pokemon Go in the future. For the time being however, we are adding “TRG” in our Avatars name, and/or on Pokemon we leave at Gyms to denote our desire to be part of Team Rocket Go.


Some of our members have also taken to using an Augmented Reality App called WallaMe, which allows us to create digital geotagged “graffiti” wherever we like.

Examples: [1], [2], [3].



Tips & Tricks

1468662213539.pngBest 1 vs 1 Pokemon type chart found thus-far. Likely to be the most reliant to Pokemon Go.
(Source Here)


Android Central Ultimate Guide



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