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ZombiePandemicIconFirst, know that being a huge fan of dystopian and post-apocalyptic games, I have played quite a few. No matter if it is on console, PC, browser-based, and even table-top. I am not saying that ZP is my absolute favorite one in this general genre (cough Fallout 3), but it is worth looking into if you want some idol entertainment while you go about your day or even while at work. For me the key is interdependence (interaction between real-world players) and ZP has just enough of it to paint a decent picture.

Moving on to hacks, let’s start with the most important one:

Hack #1: Create multiple characters (without paying)!

Lots of browser-based games these days work with distribution companies of a sort. Platforms that host the games of which you can have a separate log-in/account. I am still tinkering some with it, but it would seem a good idea to check out the game on it’s official site and run a character there for a bit to get the hang of it, then move over to Kongregate and build another. Normally if you played on one platform you would have to pay for it, but it would seem this is a nice little hack I am glad to share with others.

Hack #2: Sack Sacks!

Do yourself a favor and turn off the tutorial on your second play around. To be honest the game is pretty easy to figure out as is with a moderate to low learning curve (equip your gear, then kill shit, and scavenge etc.) and if you go a little off path to the South-East you will find “Goldman Sacks Financial Services [30,15] . Kill 2 or so zombies (one of which being the crazed CEO of Goldman Sacks), and you will loot the body and find a hefty prize ($550.00)! At the start of the game this will mean you can get some decent gear right away, while you have excess SP (movement energy). This will come in handy big-time!

Hack #3: Loiter!

It may be good to find a defensible building, then instead of b-lining it to an objective stick around a bit. Barricade the defensible building some (over 10 should be good as I don’t think it matters that much unless you want to offload gear and build XP), then walk around the area to clear the map some. I tend to go in a circular pattern moving outwards orbiting the building you cleared. That way it is pretty easy to use the map and fast-travel back to the building once you are low on life or SP. Chill there for a bit (and chat with us on our chat interface) and then go back at it once you have healed yourself some (use replenish instead of gear if you have enough SP to spare). Over time this will make fast-traveling to where you want to go as well as saving money in the long-run and also build XP early into the game.

By using this technique and leap-frogging from defensible building to another and creeping closer to the objective while orbiting around each one, I made it to the very first objective location with $935.00 with an armor defense of 8%, and a 9mm Snub Nose revolver without getting to the very first objective. Not to shabby! ( I will give a prize to anyone that beats that! Send me over your screenshot to claim your prize).

Hack #4: Clan-up (carefully)!

When I first started playing I created a clan early, then fruitlessly tried to socialize and invite others to the clan. That amounted to diddly squat (the game isn’t very social as is, but the updates will help that), and wasted a lot of time and money that way. Then I researched what seemed to be a fun and social clan, and wrote to the owner of it and joined. Bad move also. It would appear players drop off a lot, while they were in the middle of important functions in the game. Clearing clan buildings is vital, and if someone did it without finishing the action then it makes the section of the clan area inoperable by anyone. The Clan owner will have to remove the member and/or do other actions to make the building usable again…

With that said, make sure you have a way to communicate in real-time with your clan-mates and especially your clan leader. Ask them for instructions early, and they will NEED to format your clan functions/unlocks accordingly. Otherwise you won’t be able to do anything for your clan, and your clan won’t be able to do anything for you.

With that said, join our clan “[TerrA] TerrAffinity” per usual, and stick around our chat to stay active. Also playing with Kongregate which has a chat integrated is helpful but the jury is still out on if that will solve the problem completely. If the clan leader is not on Kongregate you have little to now way of communicating outside of the in-game mail system, which is lacking at best.

That is all I have for you at present, but I am sure I will be sending more updates to this hack page soon. Check back often, and of course if you wish to share a hack comment in detail below and I can add the new hack for everyone.




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