The Cult Game

You are now playing The Cult Game!

And you just lost…

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“Why call it The Cult Game”?

Because you are playing OUR game, not “The Game”!


“How do I play The Cult Game?”

First; tell whoever you can, wherever you usually socialize that you “Lost the Cult Game”. When they ask what it is, tell them they are now playing, and they already lost. Than inform them of the rules.


“What are the rules?”

1.) Don’t think about The Cult Game. When you think about Cults, or The Game, you lose!
2.) If you lose, you have to say it out loud (or online somewhere).
3.) When someone asks about The Cult Game, you must inform them of the rules.
4.) The game has one ending. Only the founder of The Cult Game will know when it has ended.
5.) When offered Koolaid, you must “drink deep”.
6.) Everybody can end The Game if they want. However they must first write their own rules.


“Why use the C-word?”

It is only fitting that a meme/virus of the mind, and this cult-like game have an ironic and humorous start. In truth, the founder of The Cult Game is said by others to be a “Social Engineer” at best, and “Cult Leader” at worse. After years of resisting either title, they have turned the tables and started #TheMarkOfXen and The Cult Game. Because why not?


“How is score kept?”

Comment below if you lost, and who you lost to. Simple as that.


“How does The Cult Game end?”

This game ends, when the creator of The Cult Game meets a stranger whom tells the rules of The Cult Game to them, unbeknownst to it’s source.


“What if I want to play a different Game?”

Go for it! Create your own version of The Cult Game! See if it comes to an end for you!

We suggest it be called “The _(blank)_ Game”, filling in the blank with a catchy, enigmatic, or concerning word for this virus of the mind to hook interest. Your game, just as ours, has similar rules to The Game. However it is the only way to see if The Game you will soon hear so much about is in fact Your game, or that of someone else.


“How did The Cult Game start?”

This game was started by Xenith, Founder of the Childer Of TerrAffinity, at 5:438 am (UTC-7)‎ on 2/5/16 [proof]. It is a variation on The Game (origin unknown).

The Founder of The Cult Game first found about it from this forum post [pic],while researching another game.

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