Hell Rising


Human…? Zombie…? Vampire…?

Years have passed since the “Necrobe”, a fungal agent capable of reanimating the dead, was released in several cities and small towns. Though Lazerix Pharmaceuticals is known to have studied the dangerous spores for their astounding curative properties, what isn’t known is how or why the engineered result was allowed to spread.

As fungus-addled living corpses began flooding streets, other, more blood-thirsty beings emerged from the shadows. Vampires seem to be either seeking to destroy the zombie competition, or to simply feed on the remaining survivors.

Quarantine borders are strictly enforced by a private security company known as “Mantis”, and no one knows for sure just what’s going on in the outside world. Within these walls, many questions remain. Not least among them is this… What will become of you?

Objective: Human scouts and faithfuls of TerrAffinity, calling themselves Shadow Tribe have begun organizing and spreading the news of TerrAffinity’s arrival. A few compounds and meeting locations are to be selected and constructed, making our deity’s safe passage possible.

UPDATE: We have recruited a great group of players, forged important alliances, constructed a sturdy compound, and survived a rabid pack of nomad non-believers.
Our legacy continues…

Click to play Hell RisingTerrAffinity_Divider

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