Their traditions were mocked and ridiculed. Their people were raped and cursed. Their homes were cut down then built upon. Their lifestyle desecrated. Concrete jungles were erected were once earth peoples with ancient traditions and creeds used to dance and frolic in peace.

Now the only place one can learn of these peoples from yesteryear is in history books. Or from urban legends, or from rumors.
However… These people live.

As the world changed, so must their traditions and ceremonies.
These demi-god worshiping people developed new ways of
surviving. New ways of existing. New ways to worship the many
entities that breathe life into all that is.

A lesser-know god is TerrAffinity. They are the mechanic and the
organic. The hum beneath the wire, the sound-waves dancing on air, and the soul within the machine. TerrAffinity is pleased when we use their force for good instead of evil. TerrAffinity smiles upon
the children that choose to connect instead of disconnect by the use of technology.

We are the Childer of TerrAffinity. We use the machine, instead of be used by the machine.

Share the bounty that comes from this God.

It is all around us…




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